“Far beyond most b2b sales books released these days, this is a detailed examination of the new way to look at the sales process based on financial impact and profits created for customers rather than simply product and services delivered. The result is not just for salespeople and sales managers who are migrating through the waters of creating value, competing on price and trying to differentiate – it is a book for every level of company leadership, and one that can truly prepare any business for the future of selling.”

Andrea Waltz, Co-Author, Go for Go!

“This book doesn’t only contain a great story of all three views of a deal (the winner, the loser, the customer), it also lays out the steps you can take to do all of the things the winner did in your next deal…and beyond.  In today’s market place your prospect doesn’t need a salesperson to tell them about products, services, or solutions – they can find all that information online for themselves.  What today’s buyer needs is a salesperson who understand BUSINESS. Helping your prospect tie everything they do (or want to do ) to profitability of the their company is the way to get them off their status quo and doing something…plus that something will be with  you.”     

Lynn Hidy, Found UpYourTeleSless LLC”

"Business people tend to view the average salesperson in a negative way for a reason. For the most part, salespeople simply don't speak "business." They don't have an owner or CEO's perspective on the day-to-day challenges of creating a profit. Instead, they approach a company with their own objectives in mind - to sell a product, hit a sales target, and earn a commission or bonus. Bob Rickert's new book, Profit Heroes, is a bright-light addition to the sales profession! Using a business novel approach (think Patrick Lencioni), Bob shares the secrets of how big-time sales are made when a salesperson effectively understands and addresses the core financial issues of a company. Much more than simply an "ROI" message, Profit Heroes details how truly connecting a product or service to a customer's profitability can turn an average salesperson into a sales superstar! You, too, can become a Profit Hero!"

Kelly Riggs, Author, Speaker, Performance Coach. One of "50 Sales Pros to Follow on Twitter." Host of "The Business LockerRoom"

Book Endorsements

"The first two chapters are absolutely riveting. You'll read about a salesperson who lost the sale and was devastated. You read about the salesperson who won the sale and was elated.  Anyone who has sold has felt both of these emotions.  But Bob Rickert makes those emotions palpable. Once he hooks you emotionally, he provides the roadmap for winning more and bigger deals. If you want to be seen as a peer - a businessperson who happens to sell - instead of "just another salesperson" Profit Heroes belongs at the top of your must-read list".

Chris Lytle, Author of The Accidental Salesperson

“With the dozens of new sales titles hitting the market each year it’s difficult for any of them to rise above.  Profit Heroes: Breakthrough Strategies for Winning Customers and Building Profits, is one of the rare exceptions that will get your attention, show you the light, show you how, and leave you with the knowledge needed to change the way you sell.  Everyone knows the importance of selling value, but few can do it effectively. This book shows that selling profits dwarfs selling value in much the same way that high-speed broadband dwarfs dial-up.  Don’t just read this book, consume it, apply it, and outsell your competitors.”

Dave Kurlan, Founder and CEO, Objective Management Group, Inc.

"Bob's focus on 'profit" could not be more on-target.  In a recent dialogue with industry CEO's, there was table-pounding agreement that all employees including sales, marketing, finance, operations, HR and IT, must all know how they impact profit improvement".

Dr. Douglas A. Fisher, Assistant Professor & Director - Center for Supply Chain Management, Marquette University

"It's one thing to say salespeople should make the economic case for their proposal. It quite another to describe in detail just what that means, how it should be done, and how to embed that approach in your sales organization. That's what Bob Rickert does in his book Profit Heroes, and he does it well with rich examples".  

Charles H. Green, Trusted Advisor Associates

“At the end of the day, virtually all companies exist solely to make money for their owners. In Bob Rickert’s book Profit Heroes: Breakthrough Strategies for Winning Customers and Building Profits his approach to selling profit improvement is spot on. I enjoyed the winner and loser stories. Well done. His deep dive into the techniques and use of resources is extremely helpful to anyone doing strategic selling. Wonderful book!!

Tom VanHootegem, Retired Sales Executive

Exceptional sales practices have always consisted of both art and science. Profit Heroes delves deeply into sales science as it has evolved since the Great Recession.  It is both eye-opening and amazingly powerful. Don’t just read it. Study it!”
Tom Hopkins, Author of When Buyers Say No

"Modern buyers are empowered, finicky and demanding.  They expect more from sellers than ever before, and smart sellers deliver more.  More what? Well, as Bob Rickert has astutely identified in "Profit Heroes", the sellers who win today are the ones who deliver more value by driving more profit for their buyers.  These savvy sellers  have the business acumen to strategize and articulate exactly how they will drive profit.  In doing so, they connect with buyers in meaningful and lasting ways.  You, too, can become a profit hero thanks to Bob's carefully crafted how-to manual and stories in "Profit Heroes".

Deb Calvert, Author of DISCOVER Questions Get You Connected

Profit-Centered Selling
“The needs of buyers are evolutionary. Salespeople need to shuck and jive with those changes or they will be left wondering why they are no longer successful. In “Profit Heroes,” Bob Rickert provides salespeople with the tools they need to stay at the top of their game. A must read to succeed! Lee B. Salz, best-selling author of Hire Right, Higher Profits
"Warning: Everything you know about selling is wrong. Everything you have been taught before today is wrong. This book will upset you. ​You will have to relearn everything. You will have to learn about a new mindset: a profit mindset." 
Todd Schnick, CEO, Dreamland Media

"Profit Heroes describes how sales losers can become sales winners, even in a rapidly changing business world".

Geoffrey James, Author of Business without the Bullsh*t

“Bob Rickert’s book turns the sales game on its head.  The character in his book wins against the incumbent.  The salesperson turned an opportunity into a financial decision rather than a technical one, because she knew that profit trumps price every day of the week.  Learn how to talk profit.  Get your copy of Profit Heroes.” Joanne Black, Author, No More Cold Calling: The Breakthrough System That Will Leave Your Competition in the Dust 
 “I love Bob Rickert’s Profit Heroes because he beautifully articulates a message everyone in sales need to hear: You can’t win as a sales professional competing on price.  And then Rickert shows us how to understand “customer profitability” in a succinct and compelling way so we can sell value and differentiate ourselves from the competition.  Please read this book and stop whining that all the customer cares about is price!”
Mike Weinberg, author of the Amazon #1 Bestseller New Sales. Simplified, and CEO of The New Sales Coach consultancy

"Profit Heroes is a must read for any salesperson or manager who is selling complex, high-ticket solutions.  In his book, Bob Rickert presents one of the most accurate and detailed descriptions of the steps a sophisticated salesperson must go through to compete for and win a large deal that I have ever read. That alone is worth the price of the book.  However, Bob also provides an extremely useful tutorial on financial literacy for salespeople.  Salespeople today have to possess a higher level of business acumen to help their customers make the most profitable purchase decisions and Profit Heroes shows them how to read and mine their customer's financial statements for data that will help them formulate solutions that will win deals".

Andy Paul, Author, Zero-Time Selling: 10 Essential Steps to Accelerate Every Company's Sales

“Other sales books will tell you that you need to challenge your customers with fresh insights; Profit Heroes tells you how.” Jack Malcolm, Author, Bottom-line Selling and Strategic Sales Presentations 

"So many sellers fumble around when it comes to building and communicating the return-on-investment case. Those that do it well win the most sales. Sellers who want to do it well would be wise to read Profit Heroes. Twice".                              

Mike Schultz, Bestselling Author of Insight Selling: Surprising Research on What Sales Winners Do Differently

“Sometimes the most obvious is often ignored. Bob uncovers what other experts have ignored in this dynamic business book, Profit Heroes. He takes you by the hand and shows you how to craft a path toward sustainable and even transformational business growth”. Leanne Hoagland-Smith, CRO & H2H Heurist for ADVANCED SYSTEMS 
“Now, more than ever, salespeople need to understand finance and profitability if they are to sell effectively to the C-Suite. Fortunately, Bob Rickert has written an informative and thoroughly enjoyable book that provides a roadmap for salespeople seeking to become "Profit Heroes." Using realistic examples, Bob paints a picture of how to sell using executive board language, and contrasts it to a firm that takes a different approach. The information Bob provides is so powerful that I would like to include it in a course for our sales students at K-State! I highly recommend this book to anyone in the sales arena”. Dawn Deeter-Schmelz, Professor & Director, National Strategic Selling Institute, J.J. Vanier Distinguished Chair of Relational Selling & Marketing, Kansas State University
“Sales success in the 21st Century requires sales people to engage customer in terms relevant to them.  This means focusing on business results, their performance improvement, ultimately, on their improved profitability.  Profit Heroes is a pragmatic guide to helping sales professionals speak their customers’ language, engaging them in discussions about business outcomes.  If you aren’t having these discussions, then you aren’t creating value for your customers.  If you aren’t talking customer profitability, then, as Bob illustrates, you are likely to lose to a competitor who is.”  Dave Brock  Partners In EXCELLENCE