Profit-Centered Selling

Frequently asked questions about my book 

What inspired you to write this book?

‚ÄčI believe selling is being transformed by the lasting effects of the financial meltdown, the Great Recession, the anemic recover, uncertainty about government policy and more which are all conspiring to change how customers think, behave and manage their business.  Salespeople are getting hammered on price and being challenged to defend their solution.  The selling game has changed and its new language is profitability.

How would you summarize your book?

My book is about winning and losing and what it takes for salespeople to compete in this new economy.  It includes strategies on how to sell and compete on profit aimed at creating a sustainable competitive advantage.  It provides a unique inside and emotional view of two competing salespeople who faced off in pursuit of a large opportunity.  One wins and one loses.  The book unveils the strategies and approaches the winner and all Profit Heroes use to achieve success.

what is the overall theme of your book?

The central theme of the book is that if you continue to compete on product and price you will lose.  The market is changing, customers are changing and salespeople must change too.  It is now about profitability and the ability to differentiate on the economic impact you deliver.  Offering quality products and services, lowest price or documented cost savings is not differentiated.  By competing on profit salespeople are able to engage the C-Suite; shorten the sales cycle, reduce competition, win more business and improve margins for their company.

why do you think you book will appeal to readers?

First, it deals with the central selling challenge of the day which is price versus profit.  Secondly, because it is written in a story form, it is easy to read and follow.  The reader will emotionally connect with the real world selling issues which every salesperson is facing today.  It deals directly with the painful reality of how customers are commoditizing salespeople and their offerings, and continue to focus on price-only procurement (and not on the total profit impact a supplier can offer).

what do you want readers to take away from your writing?

I want readers to feel a sense of urgency that they need to change the way they sell!  I want them to emotionally connect with winning and losing and what it will take to ensure their success in the future.  I want them to deploy the 10 building blocks for becoming a Profit Hero.  I want to leave them passionate about selling in a new way.