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Interview with Bob Rickert 
 June 11, 2014 by Hugh Liddle 
Interview with Bob Rickert 
Interview with Bob Rickert 


Bob Rickert on his new book

What It's About

 July 16, 2014 by Todd Schnick 
 July 12, 2014 by Deb Calvert 
Interview with Bob Rickert 

Profit Heroes represent a new breed of salesperson. They are more than a partner to their customers, they are viewed as peers. They know how to speak the language of growth and profitability, and they understand how customers make economic decisions. They bring ideas, thought leadership and innovation to every interaction. They know their customers better than their competitors. They know how to analyze the customer's business and offer profit-centered solutions that achieve results. They understand how to sell an deliver profit impact.  And they can provide it

The book offers a unique inside and emotional view of two competing salespeople who faced off in the pursuit of a big opportunity. Both represent great companies.  Both are highly talented and successful.  One wins and one loses. Theirs is a classic competition you see every day in American business, and is what makes selling the most exciting profession in the world. The book unveils the strategies and approaches that the winner and all Profit Heroes use to achieve success. 

Profit Heroes:
Interview with Bob Rickert 
 June 10, 2014 by Pat Helmers 
May 28, 2014 by Steve Lahey
Breakthrough Strategies for Winning Customers and Building Profits
Bob Rickert

who are the profit heroes?

The New Book that is Changing How Salespeople Sell....

Profit Heroes addresses a new “call to arms” that is transforming selling. To thrive in the future, salespeople must understand how customers are changing and what it will take to win.  It is no longer about your company against mine, or your products and services against mine, or your know-how against mine.  It is now all about profitability and the ability to identify it, quantify it, sell it and deliver it.  To win you must be viewed by customers as more than “a vendor.”  You must now become “an earnings contributor”.

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